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Monday, February 4, 2013

Overnight Oats

Hey- these are good. These are quick. You make this the night before and stick it in the fridge, and in the morning, you pull out a nice tasty and healthy breakfast, all ready to go. I even bumped this post up to the top of the queue so that I could share it with you all sooner. Yes, this recipe (more like a method) has been making the rounds on the internet lately, but I only came across it recently and thought I must share- this is great and you can take it in any direction you like. I used strawberries and apples in this batch, then topped with walnuts. Make it your own with your fave fruits etc. Let's get started on this super simple recipe!!

All you need- fruit, milk, oats, sweetener, and a jar.

There's my mixed up oats ready for the fridge in the corner, and I ended up cutting the fruit up finer for it to fit in better with the oats and in the jar.

Overnight Oats
-1/4-1/2 cup oats (depending on how big you would like your serving)
-1/2-1 cup milk (double the amount of oats used)
-1/2- 3/4 cup diced fruit, berries, and/or dried fruit (I used maybe 1/5-1/4 of an apple and 2 strawberries for a small batch)
-brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc. to taste for sweetening
-optional: dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.
-nuts, granola, sunflower seeds, etc. for topping
Put the first four/five ingredients in a jar, screw on the lid and shake well. Let sit in the refrigerator overnight.
In the morning, take off the lid, top with your nuts/granola/seeds, and enjoy!!!
*notes on the jar: for a small batch, you can use a 1 cup/8 oz. jar or container, for a larger batch upgrade that to a pint jar or container.

Come morning, just pull out your oats, top, and enjoy!

This recipe would be perfect  for taking with you in the morning as a transportable breakfast, having for lunch at work, or whatever. I doubted the simplicity of this recipe/idea, but totally loved it once I made it- the perfect way for me to have my oats when it's too warm for oatmeal usually!

Savor it!
love, rue

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