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Monday, August 18, 2014

Basic Popsicles!

Hey everyone! This week I'm not sharing a recipe with you so much as a series of ideas that you can take in any direction you choose. The BF found us some Popsicle molds and by that night, we had some made. But if you can't find molds, paper cups and popsicle sticks work just as well. Basically, you can freeze whatever you'd like best into a popsicle- just keep in mind that some liquids don't mix as well, and some are heavier than others and might need a quick stir halfway through freezing. So let me show you some pictures and give you some ideas- then take it and make it your own!

Start out with some ingredients like this- fruit juice, soda, creamer, milk- you could even use yogurt, fruit, etc.
Then pour whatever mix you'd like into your molds! These are the raspberry and peach ones with a little milk- these could use a stir halfway through freezing so things freeze more uniformly.
Here are all of our finished popsicles from the first batch- on the left, peach and raspberry and milk; and on the right, orange soda or cream soda with a little coffee creamer, so it's like a float!
Here's what one of the peach-raspberry-milk ones looks like all done.
And here's the "creamsicle" of orange soda plus some creamer- don't over-fill the soda molds as they may overflow a little bit!

Savor it!
love, rue

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