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Monday, August 24, 2015

Individual Pavlova

Hey everyone!

I have to share the credit for this one with my Fiance J again- I had the idea, and then he was the one who executed it- and the one who chose to make individual ones instead of a large layered one- they were perfect and delish both ways we made them!

All the parts to assemble- meringues in individual size, whipped cream, sliced peaches and nectarines, and a very nice balsamic vinegar for drizzling...
And here is the assembled peach-nectarine-balsamic pavlova- amazing and so simple!!
Later J and I had the idea to caramelize some apples and make a pavlova with that and one of the leftover meringues- it was amazing, so really use your imagination here!

Pavlova isn't all too complicated and J went off of this recipe here :)
-Whipped cream and fresh (or cooked) fruit for topping- your choice and use your imagination on this- so many options!

Savor it!
love, rue

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