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Monday, October 8, 2012

Chocolate Fondue

Ok, here's a post you should get excited about, if you're a chocolate lover (and why wouldn't anyone be?).

It's become some what of a New Year's Eve tradition in my nuclear family to make chocolate fondue- best thing I ever suggested. We have a fondue pot that was used often while my Mom was growing up, so it came from my grandparents and still works great (this explains the olive-green color!). It's super easy to make the fondue, and then all you have to do is assemble your favorite things to dip in chocolate (get creative!!!), and go to it. Let me show you this crazy easy recipe.

Here's our chopped chocolate and heating cream- easy as pie! (or easier, if I might say so!)

Here are some of our dippers- mixed dried berries, candied ginger, dried apricots, bacon (cooked!), meringues (regular and mint), pretzels, marshmallows, and toffee.

Chocolate Fondue
-semisweet chocolate (I used approx. 1/3 lb.)
-heavy cream or half and half (used about 1/2 cup)
-anything you like for dipping
Prepare your dipping items before you make the fondue, and everything will go much more smoothly- chop fruit or cake into bite-size pieces, etc.
Heat the heavy cream or half and half on the stove until very warm, but not boiling.
Meanwhile, chop the chocolate into small pieces, then add to the cream or half and half.
Whisk together until the chocolate is all melted, then pour the chocolate mixture into your dipping container, or fondue pot if you have one.
Then get to it and dip away!

A more complete view of our spread, with the addition of our dipper of fresh strawberries- fantastic.. In this pic we also have our fantastic vintage fondue pot, and our fondue forks in the bottom left corner.

Because it was New Year's Eve, it was pretty cold, so we had a fire going and toasted some of our marshmallows before dipping- get way creative with this.

Another great tip for fondue is that if your dipping item is fragile, keep a spoon handy so that you can ladle some chocolate on top instead of losing your dipper in the fondue! The spoon is also handy for when that happens- the rescue spoon. Give this a shot- super easy, and everyone loves it. I've made it several times for several groups of people and it's always a hit.

Savor it!
love, rue

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  1. Made it for a party at school they all loved it. The kids loved it also.