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Monday, April 8, 2013

Apple Cake with Maple Glaze

Hey there again everyone!

This cake is fabulous. Perhaps not quite completely cake-like, as it isn't overly sweet and gains so much from the apples and walnuts. The light drizzle of maple glaze adds the perfect amount of sweetness. I cut the oil with applesauce, as I often do in cakes and quickbreads. You could also safely reduce the amount of sugar in this recipe by at least 1/3, and I would love to give it a try with some good white whole wheat flour (if i could afford it!!). This recipe can be used as a legitimate cake, or could be made into squares or muffins or even as a coffee cake of sorts. Let's get to some pictures, eh?

Just mix together your wet ingredients, then whisk in the dry ones.

Then fold in your chopped walnuts and apples- no need to peel!

Finished batter in the pan- I used a 9-inch pie pan for 1/2 a recipe.

Mix up your glaze in a small bowl or cup measure- cream the butter and sugar, then add the liquids.

I popped mine in the microwave for a few seconds to help smooth out the last few sugar lumps.

The cake, fresh out of the oven and looking perfect!

What could be yummier, eh?

Apple Cake with Maple Glaze
-3 eggs
-1 3/4 cup sugar (can be reduced slightly if desired)
-1 cup veggie oil (replace up to 2/3 with applesauce)
-2 teaspoons vanilla
-2 cups flour
-1 teaspoon baking soda
-1 teaspoon cinnamon
-1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
-3 cups unpeeled chopped apples
-1 cup chopped walnuts
Beat eggs slightly, then whisk in veggie oil/applesauce, vanilla, and sugar.
Stir in the flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Fold in chopped apples and walnuts.
Transfer cake batter to your greased pan or pans (anything from a 15x10 in jellyroll pan, a 9x13'' pan, or even little ramekins. I used a 9-inch pie pan for 1/2 a recipe).
Bake at 300 F for 30 minutes or so for a larger pan, and 15-20 mins or so for smaller pans- test with toothpick.
Let cool. Drizzle with Glaze.

Maple Glaze
-1 tablespoon butter, softened
-1 cup confectioner's sugar
-2-3 tablespoons milk
-1 tablespoon maple syrup
Beat together sugar and butter, beat in other ingredients until smooth.
If the sugar is having difficulties dissolving completely, stick the glaze in the microwave for 20-30 seconds then stir it up again. Pour over cooled cake.

the finished cake- apple and maple and delish!! Give this a try.

Savor it!
love, rue

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