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Monday, March 10, 2014

Peanut Butter Microwave Cake

 Hi everyone,

This is another desperate-moment-uplifter of a recipe. Another super-simple cake to pop in your microwave and have in a matter of minutes- just when you need it. This is delish and tender (don't overcook!), and you can make it any way you like- add chocolate chips, reese's pieces, etc.- whatever you like. Then savor your moment of bliss!

Your arsenal- you probably have all the ingredients right now!
Put everything in a bowl except your add-ins and mix well.
Mix in your add-ins- I used chocolate chips and Reese's pieces.
I made a double batch and split it into three ramekins, as these microwave cakes can tend towards the larger side, and I didn't want the ramekins to overflow.
How the cakes look right after microwaving- a little spongy and moist, but done enough for me (I have heard warnings to be careful that the egg might not be completely cooked at this point so if you are super scared of raw eggs, I guess be forewarned).
And while you microwave your cakes, mix up the glaze- just a little milk and confectioner's sugar.

Peanut Butter Microwave Cake
-1 egg
-1 tablespoon brown sugar
-2 tablespoons peanut butter
-1 heaping tablespoon flour
-1/4 teaspoon baking powder
-1/4 teaspoon vanilla
optional: 2 tablespoons chocolate chips, candy bits, etc.
1 tablespoon confectioners sugar
1 teaspoon milk
Mix first 6 ingredients well. Add in chips or candy pieces etc. if using and stir well.
Pour mixture into a greased large (definitely large) ramekin, or split into two smaller ones.
Microwave for approximately 30 seconds, less for smaller ones and more powerful microwaves, and more for larger cakes and less powerful microwaves. Remember you can always cook it more, but not less.
Mix together confectioner's sugar and milk in a small dish or cup, and drizzle over the top of your "baked" cake, then enjoy!

Microwave your cake, make the icing, then pour int over the top- yumm!
And Jordan used Reese's pieces to make smiley faces on our cakes- why not?! They're so cute!

Savor it!
love, rue

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