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Monday, December 29, 2014

Homemade Ginger Ale

Hey everyone,

This post must give all proper credit to the true maker of this beverage- the BF. I like ginger, even love it, but not in the levels of true ginger beers and ales. My sister and the BF have always liked super "spicy" ginger things- and with this, you can make it as strong (or not) as you want.

The BF used Alton Brown's Ginger Ale recipe as a starting point, and the modifications he made were- he used way more ginger, you definitely need to use a little more yeast, or better yet, find a friend who home brews or something and go ahead and actually carbonate it- the recipe with just the yeast the way Alton Brown has it will make a little fizz, but it will not be truly carbonated like we think of in our sodas today.

Arsenal- pot, bottle with filtered water, ginger, sugar, yeast. (and a funnel is pretty helpful too!)
Make your ginger syrup first (The BF has been making syrup and using it for various drink concoctions- take things into your own hands!!).
Your finished ginger syrup.
Strain the ginger out of the syrup, or not, depending on your preference (Alton says to always strain, but BF likes it both ways, now often straining half of it out and leaving half in there), then add it to your filtered water.
Then add in the yeast, and throw that cap on (tight!).
And here you have it- a homemade glass of ginger ale- spicy and refreshing!

Savor it!
love, rue

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