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Monday, March 16, 2015

Caramels- in general!

Hey there everyone!

This post won't be about sharing a specific recipe, but more of a process, as most caramels are made similarly. These are special caramels, denoted as "Carmels" in the family cookbook it's handwritten in- this is a very protected recipe from my boyfriend's family. But even if you don't make them with exactly the same ratios or ingredients, this post will probably (hopefully!) give you more confidence to get out that heavy-bottomed pot and candy thermometer and give it a whirl- this was my first time making caramels alone- I've watched before, but never done it, and these turned out just about perfect for a first try, so give yourself that chance!

Most caramels are made with a mix of sugars, dairy, butter, corn syrup, and flavoring agent(s)- in this case, good vanilla and a healthy sprinkling of sea salt across the top.

Our dairy(s) (milk and heavy cream), sugars, butter, corn syrup, flavorings, and a heavy bottomed pot with a good candy thermometer.
Add all to the pot except your butter and flavoring agent(s).
Stir constantly over medium heat until it starts to come to a boil, then...
Add in your cubed butter, and stir well until all melted and combined.
Turn heat higher and stir frequently- the boiling will start out like this, with thin, smaller bubbles.
Then over several minutes of stirring and watching, the mixture will darken, and the bubbles get little bigger and more substantial- thicker, too.
And here's the caramels right when I pulled them off the stove, before pouring in my vanilla- with eating caramels people mostly prefer finishing temperatures between 239-244 F. Then take off the heat, stir in your flavor, then pour into a well buttered pan- very well buttered!!
And here's what they look like, just poured out and sprinkled with salt.
Om nom nom, am I right? So give it a shot and make your own caramels- it's surprisingly easy, and completely worth it!

Though I'm not at liberty to disclose this particular recipe, I'd just try to find one that doesn't have too many ingredients or steps beyond what I've showed you here, at least to start with, then make it your own once you've got a handle on things!

Savor it!
love, rue


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