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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Hi everyone, this time we have a guest post from my awesome sister Dare... take it away!

So I found a recipe online at for poached eggs in tomato sauce. I decided to take that idea up a notch. Now in her recipe the tomatoes came from a can so I thought, I could do better than that.

I made my own tomato sauce. First I diced four cloves of garlic and browned them in olive oil. Then I chopped up three tomatoes and added them to the pot. I don't really measure my spices so I just added some basil, thyme, salt, pepper, and a little bit of red pepper. Then I added two big gluggs of red wine. Then I let the whole thing simmer for 5-10 minutes so the flavors could meld.

In the meantime, toast some bread. I used some homemade sourdough bread that I had made. once the bread is nice and toasty, (and don't worry about it getting too toasty, there's no such
thing) rub the top of the toast with another clove of garlic, just like when you're making brushetta.

Then crack your eggs right into the tomato sauce. this was my first attempt at poaching eggs so they weren't perfect but damn were they tasty. Once you add the eggs it turns into a watching game. Mine took maybe 6 minutes? but they were slightly over done by the time I sat down to eat. Remember that the egg will continue cooking even after you take it off the heat.

So once the egg is cooked to your liking (my instructions are for a runny poached egg) pour the tomato sauce and poached eggs on top of your garlic toast. eat with a knife and fork. this was delicious!

This dish is perfect for breakfast/brunch or lunch, it's light but the egg is adds richness. also this recipe makes a lot of sauce so thicker slices of bread are preferable. Enjoy!


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