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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sourdough Pizza continued!

Hello again! It's time to delve into what we put on those gorgeous pizza crusts that I posted about last week. We made four smallish pizzas (about 8''-10'' round)- one for my Mom, my sister, and me, and one for the three of us to share. I'll go through the toppings that we put on each one and how it was so that hopefully I can inspire you to do some creative topping of your own! It is completely within your power to make your perfect pizza!

Here are (most of) the ingredients we started with: various cheeses, onion, tomato, apple, pesto, pancetta, etc!

And here are our four pizzas topped, ready to be baked...

First, my Mom's pizza- she calls this one a "hearty margherita". She started with olive oil, then topped with tomato slices, Italian blend cheese, sliced onion, pancetta, basil, Parmesan, and feta. This is a more complex twist on the simple margherita pizza, and was great.

Second, my sister's pizza. She too started with olive oil but added pesto as well. Then she topped with Italian blend cheese, feta, onion slices, pancetta, basil, garlic powder, red pepper, and red pepper flakes. She likes hers on the spicy side, clearly, but it was spicy and cheesy and fabulous.

Third, there was my pizza. It's called honeymoon pizza because our friends Rodney and Bryan had it on their honeymoon in Canada, and it turned out to be so fabulous that I make it almost every time we make pizza. You start with pesto, then top with mozzarella, green apple slices, and walnuts. After baking top with lime juice and cilantro (I didn't have any cilantro this time and it was still great!). I obviously love this pizza, and though it sounds unusual, you should totally give it a try because it is fantastic- I've made a lot of converts!

Last, here is our collaborative pizza- arugula and pancetta pizza. We started with olive oil and pesto, then topped with garlic powder, arugula, feta, and pancetta. It was fantastic and I highly recommend trying arugula on your pizza- it was spicy and delicious.

I hope that these have inspired you to go out and make some pizza of your own and top it just the way you like it. Feel free to make any size of pizza, but I love making the smaller ones because you can mix and match slices and try all of the different styles of toppings! Enjoy!

Savor it!
love, rue

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