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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Swag Bars!

I know that this particular recipe has been blogged about a million times already, and that a huge number of people already know it, and that it is not a family recipe. However, I am including it in these beginning posts of my blog because it's a recipe that has been present in my life ever since my Mother visited The Swag Country Inn ( and had these bars as part of their packed lunch when I was a kid under 10. I've never visited The Swag, but heard great things which must be true if these bars are any representation. I've been eating Swag Bars for years, and they're easy and delicious- even if it feels like you're cheating a little bit!!

Here are the steps to a Swag Bar: the scrunched corn flakes, peanut butter and sugar mixture, and the pan- no baking involved!

Here are the Swag Bars just after being pressed into the pan, no chocolate yet!

Here are the Bars with chocolate chips to melt on top!

Here's the link for the recipe at The Swag website:

And here's the recipe! So simple. We like to store these in the fridge and use a bit more corn flakes than it calls for, and a few less chocolate chips, to get just a thin layer of chocolate on top, but let your tastebuds guide you! We also like to freeze the bars a little, score them, then freeze again until hard to store.

And here are the finished (but unscored) bars! Enjoy these as I have for so long!

Savor it!
love, rue

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